A Passage to India

by E. M. Forster

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Part II, Chapters XXV – XXVI: Summary

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Last Updated March 22, 2023.

A large group of Indians carries Miss Quested out of the courtroom, and a riot breaks out. Fielding rescues her and takes her to his vehicle, ignoring Aziz's call to him. As they proceed, students place garlands around Fielding's neck and also around Miss Quested's neck despite the negative feelings towards her.

Mahmoud Ali tries to incite attacks on the English, but Nawab Bahadur attempts to calm the crowd, and Hamidullah calls for an orderly procession. However, Aziz accuses Fielding of desertion again, and Mahmoud Ali starts a rumor that Nureddin has been tortured.

The mob heads towards the hospital, but Dr. Panna Lal manages to avert disaster by clowning to appease the crowd and producing Nureddin. The Nawab Bahadur announces that he will give up his British title and be known as Mr. Zulfiqar during a speech, which calms the crowd. The crisis is over, and Hamidullah invites Fielding and Amritrao to his residence.

Later that evening, Miss Quested requests an interview with Fielding and reveals that she had not been feeling well before the expedition to the caves. Fielding suggests three or four possibilities to explain her behavior, including the possibility that someone else was responsible.

Miss Quested loses interest in this idea and asks about Aziz's opinion of her. Fielding softens it. They then discuss Mrs. Moore, ghosts, and the supernatural but affirm rationalism. Miss Quested announces she will go to the Dak Bungalow, but Hamidullah invites Fielding to the Nawab Bahadur's residence.

Miss Quested argues with him until Heaslop arrives and tells them that Mrs. Moore has died. Fielding invites Miss Quested to stay at the college, and Hamidullah reminds Heaslop of Mrs. Moore's death and the false claim made in court. Later, Amritrao suggests that Miss Quested should pay 20,000 rupees as compensation, which horrifies Fielding.

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