A Passage to India Part II, Chapters XV – XVII: Summary and Analysis

E. M. Forster

Part II, Chapters XV – XVII: Summary and Analysis

New Characters:
An Indian guide

Miss Derek’s chauffeur

A Brahmin cook: hired by Aziz for Godbole

Miss Quested, Aziz, and a guide continue the expedition, which is described as slightly tedious. Aziz is preoccupied with thoughts of the breakfast menu, and Adela with her coming marriage. She is suddenly struck by the thought that she and her fiancé do not love each other, and is appalled. As they climb in the heat, she begins to question Aziz about his marriage. Aziz claims that his wife is alive. Then Adela naively asks him if he has more than one wife. Aziz is insulted by the question and plunges away into another cave to regain his composure. Adela goes off...

(The entire section is 859 words.)