A Passage to India Part II, Chapter XXIV: Summary and Analysis

E. M. Forster

Part II, Chapter XXIV: Summary and Analysis

New Characters:
The punkah-wallah: a beautiful Untouchable who works the courthouse fan

Mr. Das: Hindu judge presiding over the trial, Heaslop’s assistant

Adela is now staying with the Turtons. Ronny continues to support her faithfully, yet she asks herself if she is capable of loving anyone. Fearing that she will break down under cross-examination, she tells the Turtons that her echo has come back.

There are signs of unrest on the way to the court, and they hear further reports about it. The Anglo-Indians tend to blame Fielding. Major Callendar issues another brutal tirade against these “buck niggers,” during which he refers mockingly to the disfigured...

(The entire section is 1230 words.)