A Passage to India Part I, Chapters IX – XI: Summary and Analysis

E. M. Forster

Part I, Chapters IX – XI: Summary and Analysis

New Characters:
Hassan: Aziz’s servant

Syed Mohammed: a Muslim engineer

Mr. Haq: the Muslim police inspector

Rafi: Syed Mohammed’s nephew

Aziz is ill in bed. He fantasizes about dancing girls and sex. Hamidullah, Syed Mohammed, Mr. Haq, and Rafi come to visit and sympathize. Rafi first suggests that Aziz and Professor Godbole must have become ill after having tea with Fielding, then maintains that Professor Godbole has cholera. Syed Mohammed and the others speak scornfully of Hindus as a source of infection. Dr. Panna Lal arrives, accompanied by Ram Chand. He examines Aziz perfunctorily. The others inquire about Professor Godbole’s illness. The...

(The entire section is 841 words.)