A Passage to India Part I, Chapters IV – VI: Summary and Analysis

E. M. Forster

Part I, Chapters IV – VI: Summary and Analysis

New Characters:
Nawab Bahadur: wealthy Muslim landowner

Mr. Ram Chand: Hindu associate of Dr. Panna Lal

Mr. Graysford and Mr. Sorley: Anglo-Indian missionaries

Miss Nancy Derek: Anglo-Indian companion to a Maharani

The McBrydes: Anglo-Indian District Superintendent of Police and his wife

Mr. and Mrs. Bhattacharya: Hindus of some wealth and status

Mrs. Das: a relation

Dr. Panna Lal: Hindu doctor, Aziz’s fellow assistant

A subaltern: Anglo-Indian army officer of lower rank

Some of the Muslims discuss whether or not they should accept Turton’s invitation to the gardens of the Club. The Nawab...

(The entire section is 1092 words.)