A Passage to India

by E. M. Forster

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Part I, Chapter VII: Summary

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Last Updated April 25, 2023.

Aziz is the first to reach Fielding's tea gathering. When Fielding is unable to locate his collar stud, Aziz offers his own as a temporary solution. Mrs. Moore and Miss Quested join them, followed by Professor Godbole, who enjoys his tea separately from the group. Aziz inquires if Miss Quested has considered settling in India, to which she responds negatively, unexpectedly taken aback by her own answer. Aziz suggests a trip to the Marabar Caves.

Ronny Heaslop shows up, intending to take Adela to watch a polo match. He disregards Aziz and Professor Godbole, chastises Fielding for leaving Miss Quested unattended with them, and makes derogatory comments about Aziz. Aziz mentions Miss Quested's decision not to remain in India. As they part ways, an uneasy atmosphere lingers. Heaslop, Miss Quested, and Mrs. Moore prepare to depart when Professor Godbole starts singing a devotional hymn to Shri Krishna. The chapter concludes in a quiet hush.

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