by Wolfram von Eschenbach

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Characters Discussed

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Gamuret (GA-mur-eht), the younger son of King Gandein, who leaves Anjou to seek his fortune. He rescues Belakane and marries her.


Gandein (GAN-deh-ihn), the king of Anjou.


Belakane (beh-lah-KA-neh), a Moorish queen who is falsely accused of killing Eisenhart, her lover.


Friedebrand (FREE-dih-brand), the king of Scotland and uncle of Eisenhart. He besieges the castle of Belakane in an attempt to avenge his nephew.


Feirefis (FI-reh-fihs), the son of Gamuret and Belakane, who almost vanquishes Parzival. Together, they fight in many tournaments.

Herzeledde, queen of Waleis

Herzeledde, queen of Waleis (HEHR-tseh-lee-deh, VAH-lis), at whose tournament Gamuret is the victor. She marries him after the tourney.


Parzival (PAHR-tsih-fahl), the son of Herzeleide and Gamuret.

Queen Kondwiramur

Queen Kondwiramur (kond-VIHR-ah-mur), whom Parzival marries and later deserts.


Lohengrin (LOH-ehn-grihn), the son of Kondwiramur and Parzival.


Jeschute (jeh-SHEW-teh), who gives Parzival a token.


Orilus (OH-rih-lews), the jealous husband of Jeschute. He fights Parzival but is pacified.

The Red Knight

The Red Knight, who knights Parzival.


Gurnemanz (GEWR-neh-mahnts), the prince of Graharz, who instructs Parzival in knightly precepts.


Baruch (BAH-rewk), the ruler of Alexandria, for whom Gamuret fought and finally was slain.

King Kailet

King Kailet (KI-leht), the companion of Gamuret in Spain.


Arthur, the king of Britain.

Queen Guinevere

Queen Guinevere (GWIH-neh-veer), Arthur’s wife.

Sir Kay

Sir Kay, the seneschal, defeated by Parzival.

Sir Gawain

Sir Gawain (GAH-wayn), who introduces Parzival to Arthur’s Round Table.


Orgeluse (OHR-geh-lewz), the wife of Gawain.

King Meljanz of Lys

King Meljanz of Lys (MEHL-yahnts, lees), for whom Sir Gawain fights Duke Lippaut.


Antikonie (an-TEE-koh-nee), the daughter of King Meljanz. She is courted by Gawain.


Gramoflanz (GRAH-moh-flahnts), whom Parzival offers to fight because, unknowingly, he has wounded Sir Gawain while that knight was riding to do battle with Gramoflanz. The challenge is rejected because Gramoflanz refuses to meet any knight but Gawain.


Trevrezent (TRAY-vreh-tsahnt), a hermit who indicates that Parzival is the nephew of Amfortas, the Grail King, and himself.


Amfortas (ahm-FOHR-tahs), the Fisher King who shows Parzival the mysteries of the Grail and is himself cured of his grievous wound by a miraculous recovery.


Kondrie (KOHN-dree-eh), Parzival’s guide to the Grail Kingdom.

Repanse de Schoie

Repanse de Schoie (reh-PAHN-suh duh SHOY-eh), the wife of Feirefis and mother of Prester John.


Sigune (sih-GEW-neh), the woman who tells Parzival of his lineage.

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