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Characters Discussed

(Great Characters in Literature)


Gamuret (GA-mur-eht), the younger son of King Gandein, who leaves Anjou to seek his fortune. He rescues Belakane and marries her.


Gandein (GAN-deh-ihn), the king of Anjou.


Belakane (beh-lah-KA-neh), a Moorish queen who is falsely accused of killing Eisenhart, her lover.


Friedebrand (FREE-dih-brand), the king of Scotland and uncle of Eisenhart. He besieges the castle of Belakane in an attempt to avenge his nephew.


Feirefis (FI-reh-fihs), the son of Gamuret and Belakane, who almost vanquishes Parzival. Together, they fight in many tournaments.

Herzeledde, queen of Waleis

Herzeledde, queen of Waleis (HEHR-tseh-lee-deh, VAH-lis), at whose tournament Gamuret is the victor. She marries him after the tourney.


Parzival (PAHR-tsih-fahl), the son of Herzeleide and Gamuret.

Queen Kondwiramur

Queen Kondwiramur (kond-VIHR-ah-mur), whom Parzival marries and later deserts.


Lohengrin (LOH-ehn-grihn), the son of Kondwiramur and Parzival.


Jeschute (jeh-SHEW-teh), who gives Parzival a token.


Orilus (OH-rih-lews), the jealous husband of Jeschute. He fights Parzival but is pacified.

The Red Knight

The Red Knight, who knights Parzival.


Gurnemanz (GEWR-neh-mahnts), the prince of Graharz, who instructs Parzival in knightly precepts.


Baruch (BAH-rewk), the ruler of Alexandria, for whom Gamuret fought and finally was slain.

King Kailet

King Kailet (KI-leht), the companion of Gamuret in Spain.


Arthur, the king of Britain.

Queen Guinevere

Queen Guinevere (GWIH-neh-veer), Arthur’s wife.

Sir Kay

Sir Kay, the seneschal, defeated by Parzival.

Sir Gawain

Sir Gawain (GAH-wayn), who introduces Parzival to Arthur’s Round Table.


Orgeluse (OHR-geh-lewz), the wife of Gawain.

King Meljanz of Lys

King Meljanz of Lys (MEHL -yahnts, lees), for whom...

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