Parents' Guide to Nutrition

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Parents’ Guide to Nutrition

(Critical Survey of Contemporary Fiction)

Knowledge of nutrition and its relation to health is changing constantly. The food industry is always coming out with new products, new additives, and often new dietary problems. A gain in one area often means a loss in another where food processing is concerned. (How can concerned parents decide what to feed their children to maintain good health? Do children need different nutrients at different ages? How can food best be stored and prepared to maintain nutritional values? What do you do if your child does not want the food that is best for him or her?)

A dietitian, Roberta R. Henry, and a pediatrician specializing in nutrition, Susan Baker, have joined with the staff of the world renowned Boston Children’s Hospital to try to answer these and other questions related to children’s nutrition.

The authors begin by briefly discussing cultural aspects of food, then continue with a lengthy description of the nutrients humans need to live--a section which serves as a good reference. Other chapters cover what nutrients are needed at each age and how to include them in a child’s daily menu, how to coax a picky eater, how to involve children in cooking, and how to eat healthily with a limited budget. Alternative diets are evaluated, and food problems, such as allergies, are discussed. Other chapters describe food additives and explain how to buy and prepare healthy meals. The book concludes with an informative and entertaining nutrition quiz. Did you know that raisins and other dried fruits are more likely to cause tooth decay than soft drinks? A list for additional reading is included at the end.

The book is indispensable for parents who want to rear children who enjoy healthy food and thereby enjoy good health.