Text of the Poem

(Poetry for Students)

There is no way not to be excited
When what you have been disillusioned by raises
its head
From its arms and seems to want to talk to you
You forget home and family
And set off on foot or in your automobile 5
And go to where you believe this form of reality
May dwell. Not finding it there, you refuse
Any further contact
Until you are back again trying to forget
The only thing that moved you (it seems) and gave 10
what you forever will have
But in the form of a disillusion.
Yet often, looking toward the horizon
There—inimical to you?—is that something you
have never found
And that, without those who came before you, you
could never have imagined.
How could you have thought there was one person 15
who could make you
Happy and that happiness was not the uneven
Phenomenon you have known it to be? Why do
you keep believing in this
Reality so dependent on the time allowed it
That it has less to do with your exile from the age
you are
Than from everything else life promised that you 20
could do?