Paradise Chapter 9 - Save-Marie Questions and Answers

Toni Morrison

Chapter 9 - Save-Marie Questions and Answers

Study Questions
1. What had Sweetie refused to discuss?

2. How was Esther, Jeff and Sweetie’s second child, given her name?

3. What didn’t Pat Best tell Richard?

4. Who wept before the entire congregation of the Holy Redeemer?

5. Where do the Carys live, and how do we know this?

6. What was the first question that Manley Gibson asked his daughter, Gigi?

7. What part of Pallas did Dee Dee Truelove feel she had been unable to capture in the many portraits she had painted?

8. What does Mavis do when Sally hugs her tightly?

9. How does Seneca’s friend clean the wounds on Seneca’s hands?

10. What is the last word of this novel?

1. Sweetie Fleetwood refused to discuss the burial of her daughter Save-Marie. Sweetie was unwilling to have her baby girl buried on Morgan-owned land.

2. Esther was named after her grandmother, who had taken such good care of Noah, her older brother.

3. Pat Best did not tell Richard her version of the Convent raid: that nine 8-Rock men brutally murdered the Convent women because those women were deemed “impure temptresses,” and because the men thought that they would get away with the murders.

4. Wisdom Poole wept before the entire congregation of the Holy Redeemer.

5. The Carys (including Reverend Cary) live on Cross Mark. We know this because Lily Cary calls out to Deacon Morgan from her porch.

6. Manley Gibson asked Gigi if she heard that he had been paroled from death row.

7. Dee Dee Truelove had trouble capturing different parts of Pallas’s face and body in the many portraits she painted.

8. Mavis groans slightly and laughs when Sally hugs her tightly. She tells her daughter that she’s “a little sore on that side.”

9. Seneca’s friend cleans the wounds on Seneca’s hands by pouring beer on them.

10. The last word of this novel is “Paradise.”