Sample Essay Outlines

Topic #1
Compare the hardships that beset the original founders of Haven with the hardships and stresses of the citizens of Ruby.

I. Thesis Statement: The people who founded Haven had to endure different hardships and were under different stresses than the citizens of Ruby.
A. The founders of Haven had particular stresses and hardships.
B. The founders of Ruby had particular stresses and hardships.

II. The founders of Haven worked together.
A. They left the same homes, together, for similar reasons.
B. They were under the same stresses, like survival.
C. They were already in the same families.
D. They had to pool their resources in order to make it through the lean times.

III. The citizens of Ruby have not been working together.
A. They compete with one another.
B. They have religious differences.
C. There are more people in total, and larger groups are always harder to manage.
D. They do not always wish each other well.

IV. The past weighs on the current population of Ruby.
A. The Morgan brothers are constantly concerned with what their ancestors would think.
B. Many people are unwilling to talk about their family’s history.
C. New ideas are suspect, and people have little curiosity about the outside world.
D. The pressures of the past hamper people’s current freedom....

(The entire section is 585 words.)