Paradise Chapter 8 - Lone Summary and Analysis

Toni Morrison

Chapter 8 - Lone Summary and Analysis

Lone DuPres is hurrying back from the Convent, driving too quickly at night. One of the oldest residents in Ruby, she was rescued by the first settlers of Haven. Lone was adopted and trained by Fairy DuPres, Haven’s midwife. When Fairy died, Lone took over as Ruby’s midwife. Except for her, the town of Ruby is unaware of the plan cooked up by a few men to “deal with” the “threat” of the Convent women.

As she drives, Lone broods over history. Her career as a midwife is practically over. This bothers Lone, partially because it is only now that she is as mobile as she has long wanted to be, with a real car instead of recalcitrant mules or horses. But modern ideas have made women...

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