Paradise Chapter 4 - Seneca Summary and Analysis

Toni Morrison

Chapter 4 - Seneca Summary and Analysis

New Characters:
Dovey Morgan (nee Blackhorse): wife of Steward Morgan and sister of Soane Morgan. She worries about her husband and the future of her town.

Menus Jury: a man who lives in Ruby; a member of one of the founding families. He served in Vietnam and has a drinking problem.

Reverend Pulliam: one of Ruby’s three spiritual leaders. The reverend of New Zion (Methodist) Church, he represents the old ways of thinking and decries the behavior of the youth of Ruby. His first name is Senior.

Destry Beauchamp: a young man who speaks up at the town meeting. He and his brother Royal challenge the old notions about the message on the Oven, and they are not very respectful to...

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