Paradise Chapter 3 - Grace Summary and Analysis

Toni Morrison

Chapter 3 - Grace Summary and Analysis

New Characters:
Gigi (Grace): an outsider who comes to Ruby and goes to the Convent.

K. D.: the nephew of Deek and Steward Morgan, and the nephew described in the first chapter. As described there, he is spoiled.

Good and Ben: the two dogs K. D. tends at the beginning of the chapter.

Arnette Fleetwood: K. D.’s girlfriend. She is fifteen and pregnant.

Billie Delia: Arnette’s friend. Billie has a reputation as a loose young woman. She, Arnette, and K. D. are among the group of young people who hang out at the Oven, a habit that the older residents of Ruby do not appreciate.

Deacon (Deek) Morgan: one of the leading men in Ruby. He and his twin...

(The entire section is 1877 words.)