Paradise Regained

by John Milton

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Last Updated September 5, 2023.

In Milton's famous epic poem, he describes the temptation of Jesus Christ by Satan as written in the Gospel of Luke in the Bible. Paradise Regained is a shorter, direct poem with simpler language than Milton's previous Paradise Lost, but both epics share theological themes. In Paradise Regained, Milton emphasizes the human elment of hunger, both spiritual and physical.

Using Luke 4 as a reference in Paradise Regained, Milton depicts the interaction, dialogue, and conclusion of Satan's efforts to tempt Christ as Christ spent forty days and nights in the wilderness. During this time, Christ ate nothing, choosing to fast for the purpose of focusing on communion with his Father, God. Satan tried to tempt Christ with food, power, and vanity, each time trying to cause Christ to sin. However, each time, Christ rebuked Satan with a reply from the Word of God. Ultimately, Satan left in defeat.

Paradise Regained is replete with reversals, most notably the solution for the separation between God and humans due to sin in the Garden of Eden as described in Paradise Lost. Milton depicts Christ's victory over sin and Satan as a restorative salvation opportunity for mankind to once again be in relationship with God through Christ.

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