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"Think Only What Concerns Thee And Thy Being"

(Magill's Quotations in Context)

Context: When Raphael has finished his story of the creation of the world, Adam asks him why the earth, which is such a tiny sphere in comparison with the rest of the universe, is served by so many planets and stars that revolve about it at such an incomprehensible speed. Adam is, of course, referring to the Ptolemaic system of astronomy: according to it, the earth is motionless and the rest of the cosmos revolves around it. He says that it would be more economical to have the earth revolve and the rest of the astral bodies remain still. At this point Eve, who has listened to the angel's story, removes herself from the scene to go about her work, not that she cannot comprehend Raphael, but because it will be pleasanter to have Adam explain matters when the two of them are alone. Raphael says that Adam does well to question these things, but the great Architect made things as he wanted them, and he will be amused at men's explanations of them. He says that the earth, though perhaps small and dark, is more important than larger and brighter bodies, as large size and brightness are not necessarily signs of great value. He asks a number of rhetorical questions about the constitution of the cosmos, the answers to which...

(The entire section is 441 words.)