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"I Know Thee Who Thou Art"

(Magill's Quotations in Context)

Context: Satan, once the bright angel named Lucifer, has been plunged into Hell after the civil war in Heaven, preciptated by his ambition to rebel against God's authority. Following their fall, Satan and his fellow rebels hold a conclave in Hell to decide what action to take. Some of the fallen angels urge another battle with the heavenly host, to be undertaken with the goal of regaining Heaven; others urge against renewing the combat. A suggestion by Satan is reviewed, a third proposal. It is to search out the world and man, whose creation by God has been prophesied. This course of action is chosen, and Satan himself undertakes the difficult mission. He passes out of Hell to "the hoary deep, a dark/ Illimitable ocean without bound,/ Without dimension, where length, breadth, and height,/ And...

(The entire section is 263 words.)