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"As Far As Angel's Ken"

(Magill's Quotations in Context)

Context: Milton asks his epic question, who seduced our original parents into disobeying God? The answer is, the infernal serpent, whose pride had cast him out of heaven; with him there fell a host of rebel angels. Satan, motivated by envy of God and by the desire to be revenged on Him for what he considered injustice, deceived Eve, the mother of all mankind. For his revolt, God hurled him and his cohorts out of heaven, down to bottomless perdition, there to dwell in adamant chains and penal fire. Milton here was probably drawing on the classical account of Zeus's hurling of the defeated Titans into the underworld, where they were perpetually imprisoned. Milton, however, quickly abandons the idea of the unbreakable chains–if he ever had it–as the devils are free to travel through the universe, especially up to the earth. But...

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