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"Defaming As Impure What God Declares Pure"

(Magill's Quotations in Context)

Context: Adam and Eve finish their day's work of cultivating the garden. The time for rest has come, and all the beasts and birds seek repose except the nightingale, which sings throughout the night. Adam explains to Eve that man is dignified by having duties to perform; the lower animals are idle throughout the day. Eve indicates that whatever Adam commands is law to her. She comments on the beautiful evening, the fragrance of the air, and the glittering of the stars. She asks why the stars shine when all are asleep. This question leads Adam into explaining that millions of unseen spirits walk the earth in the starlight. With this explanation, they pass into their blissful bower, which is adorned with flowers; it is closed to the entry of any of the lower creatures. Adam praises the Omnipotent who created all things,...

(The entire section is 277 words.)