Book 8 Questions and Answers

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Study Questions
1. What is Raphael’s answer to Adam’s question about the superfluous number of celestial bodies that serve only Earth?

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2. What does Adam think is the primary purpose of the celestial bodies?

3. What does Adam see in his first moments of life?

4. Why are Adam and the sun important to each other?

5. What is the first thing that Adam wants to find after his creation?

6. What is an example of free will in Book VIII?

7. How did God create Eve?

8. What happens to Adam when he observes Eve’s loveliness?

9. What warning does Raphael give Adam about his wisdom concerning Eve?

10. What is Raphael’s last warning to Adam before he goes back to Heaven?

1. Raphael tells Adam to concern himself only with his life and leave other worlds to God.

2. Adam thinks the primary purpose of the celestial bodies is “to officiate light.”

3. Adam sees the sun that is drying his “balmy sweat.”

4. Adam needs the sun for warmth just as the sun needs Adam to fulfill its purpose.

5. The first thing Adam wants to find is his creator.

6. Free will is seen in Adam’s complaint about his own solitude.

7. Eve was formed from one of Adam’s ribs.

8. Adam’s passion takes over his reason when Eve appears.

9. Raphael tells Adam he should love Eve but not hold himself in subjection to her.

10. Raphael’s last warning to Adam is to “take heed lest passion sway/ Thy judgment.”

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