Book 7 Questions and Answers

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Study Questions
1. What is the name of the poet’s muse?

2. What does the poet mean when he says that it is the meaning, not the name of the muse that he is calling forth?

3. What does God plan to do to repair the loss of Satan and his angels in Heaven?

4. Who is appointed by God to perform the act of creation?

5. Had the light appeared before the sun?

6. When is the firmament created and what is it later called?

7. On which day of creation does dry land appear?

8. Besides Man, what else is created on the sixth day?

9. What do God, the Son, and the angels in Heaven do on the Sabbath?

10. What happens when the Son reaches the gates of Heaven?

1. The poet’s muse is named Urania, the muse of astronomy.

2. The poet associates the meaning of the muse with the God of the Scriptures but names Urania from classical mythology.

3. God plans to create a new race called Man to eventually fill the vacancy in Heaven.

4. The Son is appointed to create the universe.

5. God calls forth the light before the sun is created.

6. The firmament is created on the second day, and it is called Heaven.

7. Dry land appears on the third day.

8. The beasts of the field rise up out of the dust on the sixth day. Insects, worms, snakes, and other numberless creatures also appear.

9. God, the Son, and the angels rest and sing praises on the Sabbath.

10. The Son hears harmonious music and sees the golden hinges as the gates of Heaven open to let him pass through.

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