Book 6 Questions and Answers

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Study Questions
1. Who commends Abdiel for opposing Satan and his legions of angels?

2. What is Abdiel’s definition of servitude?

3. Who is the leader of God’s angels in the war in Heaven?

4. Which side uses gunpowder in the war in Heaven?

5. Which side picks up mountains and uses them as weapons?

6. Why does neither of the armies win the war?

7. Who is sent to end the war and drive Satan and his angels out of Heaven?

8. For how many days do Satan and his angels fall?

9. Who is the narrator for the story of the war in Heaven?

10. What does the narrator warn Adam about?

1. God commends Abdiel for speaking against Satan and bearing the reproach of the multitudes.

2. Abdiel tells Satan that servitude is to serve an unwise leader (namely Satan) who has rebelled against a natural superior.

3. Michael is the leader of God’s angels in the war.

4. Satan’s troops use gunpowder against the angels who have been victorious up to that point.

5. Michael’s angels pick up mountains and throw them at their opponents.

6. Both armies were created equal and cannot win. The war would have gone on indefinitely if God had not intervened.

7. God sends the Son to end the war and drive Satan and his angels out of Heaven.

8. Satan and his angels fall for nine days.

9. Raphael narrates the story of the war in Heaven.

10. Raphael warns Adam that Satan is in Eden, plotting their fall.

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