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Book 5 Questions and Answers

Study Questions
1. Who is responsible for the evil nature of Eve’s dream?

2. What does Eve’s dream foreshadow?

3. How does Adam comfort Eve after her frightening dream?

4. Who is asked to join Adam and Eve in their morning praise to God?

5. What kind of food does Eve prepare for Raphael?

6. To whom does Raphael allude when he greets Eve with “Hail Mother of Mankind”?

7. Who has no superior to obey in the “scale of Nature”?

8. Why does Satan rebel against God?

9. Who speaks against Satan when he gathers his legions of angels in the North of Heaven to convince them to rebel against God?

10. How does Satan answer his sole disbeliever’s accusation that he is not obeying his creator?

1. Satan has come to Eve in the form of a toad and has attempted to...

(The entire section is 269 words.)