Book 3 Questions and Answers

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Study Questions
1. What is the symbolic significance of the image of light in Book III?

2. Why is God referred to as “unapproached light”?

3. Whom does God point out to the Son as their dialogue begins?

4. Who answers God’s call for a volunteer to die for Man’s sins?

5. What is Jacob’s ladder in the biblical account?

6. How does Satan’s attitude toward God compare to Jacob’s as they each view the “stairway to Heaven”?

7. Who is Uriel? What does Satan ask of him?

8. Why does Satan disguise himself when he meets Uriel?

9. Why does the poet lament the fact that he finds “no dawn”?

10. Why does the poet compare himself to Homer (Maeonides)?

1. The image of light represents the essence of God because “God is light.”

2. God is “unapproached light” because no man has seen, nor is able to see Him.

3. God points to Satan who is nearing the wall of Heaven. God perceives Satan’s plan of revenge that will cause Man to fall.

4. The Son offers to go down to Earth and become a man who will give his life as a ransom for Man’s sin.

5. In a dream, Jacob sees a ladder that leads to Heaven with angels ascending and descending.

6. Jacob is filled with fear and reverence toward God, but Satan only feels envy when he sees God’s new world.

7. Uriel is the angel of the sun. Satan asks Uriel the direction to Paradise.

8. Satan disguises himself to avoid being recognized as a demon from Hell.

9. The poet (Milton) is blind.

10. Homer is also an epic poet who shares Milton’s fate of being blind.

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