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Book 2 Questions and Answers

Study Questions
1. What does Moloch propose at the devilish council?

2. How does Belial’s proposal compare to Moloch’s?

3. What is Mammon’s argument at the council?

4. Who is Beelzebub, and what does he propose?

5. Who volunteers to go alone to spy on God’s new creation?

6. What is the volunteer’s true motive for his seemingly sacrificial act of exploring God’s new world?

7. Who does Satan meet at the gates of Hell?

8. Where did the barking Hell-hounds originate?

9. After which classical figure does Milton pattern the character of Sin?

10. Whom does Satan meet as he travels through the vast Abyss on his way to Earth?

1. Moloch proposes open war and is willing to risk annihilation in the attempt at armed conflict to avenge God.

2. Belial opposes Moloch’s plan. He advocates peace at all costs, reasoning that God might...

(The entire section is 289 words.)