Book 11 Questions and Answers

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Study Questions
1. Who is sent to Earth to tell Adam and Eve about their expulsion from Paradise?

2. In what form does Michael appear on Earth?

3. What is Adam’s reaction when he is told that he must leave Paradise?

4. According to Michael, where can God be found?

5. Where is Eve while Adam and Michael discuss future events?

6. What method does Michael use to reveal the future to Adam?

7. Who are the two just men from the Bible who stand alone in Book XI?

8. What is Adam’s first real example of Death in the vision?

9. What is a lazer-house?

10. Why does God send the rainbow to Noah after the flood?

1. The archangel Michael is sent to Earth to break the sad news of Adam and Eve’s expulsion from Paradise.

2. Michael appears on Earth in the form of a man dressed in military attire.

3. Adam reacts with shocked silence at first but soon tells Michael that his greatest regret is leaving God.

4. Michael tells Adam that God is omnipresent and will be on the plain as well as in Paradise.

5. Michael has put Eve into a deep sleep.

6. Michael presents visions of biblical history to Adam to reveal the future of the World.

7. Two biblical examples of men who stand alone against the crowd are Noah and Enoch.

8. Adam’s first real example of death is Cain, an evil man, murdering his brother Abel, a just man.

9. A lazer-house is an institution filled with people afflicted with various diseases.

10. God sends the rainbow as a covenant that he will never again destroy the people of the Earth by flood.

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