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Book 10 Questions and Answers

Study Questions
1. Who is sent from Heaven to judge Adam and Eve after the fall?

2. What is Adam and Eve’s punishment for their disobedience to God?

3. How does the Son judge the Serpent (Satan) for tempting Eve?

4. What do Sin and Death do to make Earth more accessible?

5. What will Eve’s descendants do to the Serpent’s offspring?

6. Who helps to bring Adam out of the depths of despair?

7. How does Death feel about his new empire on Earth?

8. What does Discord do on Earth after the fall?

9. What happens to Satan and his fallen angels when he arrives in Hell?

10. What happens to the fruit that is eaten by the serpents in Hell?

1. God sends the Son to judge Adam and Eve after the fall.

2. Eve will bear the pain of childbirth and the subjection to her...

(The entire section is 283 words.)