Paradise Lost Book 7 Summary and Analysis

John Milton

Book 7 Summary and Analysis

The poet invokes the muse, Urania, but he makes it clear that it is “the meaning, not the name” that he is calling forth. His muse is not one of the nine sisters who was born on Mount Olympus but is “heavenly born” instead. Wisdom is her sister and the two played in the presence of the “Almighty Father” before the hills were created. The poet asks the muse to guide him safely down to Earth, his native element, from his wanderings in Heaven. His poem is only half sung, but he now feels safer and more familiar with mortal things on Earth despite the danger and “evil days” that have come upon him. He asks the muse to find an audience for his words and to drive away “Bacchus” and his...

(The entire section is 1936 words.)