Book 7 Summary

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Adam continues to question Raphael, asking him about the creation of the world. As he does so, he asks the archangel if these are matters into which it is proper for him to inquire. Raphael says there is nothing wrong with humans knowing the story of the world’s creation, since it will help them to glorify God, but that Adam should be careful to restrain his desire for knowledge “within bounds.”

After the war in heaven, Raphael tells Adam, God decided to create a new world, populated by a new race, to replenish the number of his worshippers after Satan had taken so many of the angels from him. The race of Man would not have access to heaven immediately but would remain on earth until they had proved themselves worthy of heaven, whereupon God would unite the two into a single magnificent kingdom.

It was the Son, says Raphael, who actually created the new world out of Chaos, dividing the day from the night and the land from the water, as well as making the sun, moon, stars, oceans, rivers, trees, fish, birds, and the other creatures. Finally, God the Father and the Son created Adam, the first man, to rule over creation. All this happened instantaneously, but mankind can best understand it as occurring over a period of six days.

The Father and the Son created women and told Adam and Eve to be fruitful and fill the earth with their progeny. Everything in this new world was theirs, except the fruit of the Tree of Knowledge, which they must not eat. The Son placed the earth just below heaven so that angels could reach it easily, and then God rested on the seventh day, while the angels sang his praises. Finally, Raphael asks if Adam wants to learn anything further that it is permitted for mortals to know.

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