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Larkin is the daughter of Olamina who appears at the introduction. She is referred to by many names, one being Asha Vere. Larkin comes to terms with herself and her mother throughout the novel as she navigates the deeply rooted Christian America and her upbringing in an unloving foster family.

Lauren Olamina is the protagonist, founder of Acorn, and mother to Larkin. Olamina's life is reflected in Parable of the Talents and her mission to spread the belief that God is Change, the philosophy of Earthseed. Earthseed is the movement or idea that through change, life will adapt.

Andrew Steele Jarrett is President in the dystopic United States under the denomination of Christian America. He leads the purging of America of non-Christian and re-forming the community Acorn, founded by Lauren, to reflect his Christian fundamentalist denomination. Revelations to his ties in witch burnings in the Alaska-Canada War lead to his defeat.

Marcus "Marc" Duran is the uncle of Asha/Larkin. They are reunited when Asha becomes an adult. With his help, Asha learns to become an academic historian and she comes to reject the Christian faith. However, it is discovered that he has kept Larkin's heritage to Lauren secret.

Taylor Bankole is Larkin's (Asha's) father and physician. He is killed along with many others when their community, Acorn, is over run by Christian America crusaders.


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Parable of the Talents or Parable of the Sower by Octavia Butler has 2 main characters: Lauren Olamina and Andrew Steele Jarret.

Lauren is a young African American woman who lives in a polished gated community. This community ignores the poverty and struggles of the outside world, but Lauren is incapable of this. She is inspired to create a new religion, which she calls Earthseed. Earthseed is based on the idea treating the future of humanity as a seed that must be nourished and sowed. This religion is a mix of Buddhist and Sufi ideology, and change is embraced as a deity.

Jarret is a fascist who enforces Christian ideology onto the members of the community. He has previous affiliation with the Ku Klux Klan, has imprisoned and tortured religious dissidents, and kidnaps children and places them in homes where they will be taught his ideology.