Pär Lagerkvist Long Fiction Analysis - Essay

Pär Lagerkvist Long Fiction Analysis

(Survey of Novels and Novellas)

In his first critical work, Ordkonst och bildkonst: Om modärn skönlitteraturs dekadens, om den modärna konstens vitalitet (1913; Literary Art and Pictorial Art: On the Decadence of Modern Literature, on the Vitality of Modern Art, 1982), Pär Lagerkvist argues, as Thomas Buckman says, “that the naturalistic portrayal of reality in literature is completely inadequate for the representation of modern experience.” The argument of this programmatic essay is divided into two parts—“On the Decadence of Modern Fiction” and “On the Vitality of Modern Art”—that indicate Lagerkvist’s approach to his subject. Emulating the treatment of “simple thoughts” in literature—the themes of timeless,...

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