by Knut Pedersen

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Last Updated September 5, 2023.

Pan by Knut Pedersen is a love story about Thomas Glahn, a lone hunter who lives in the wilderness with his only companion, a dog called Aesop. The story is set in Norway. Glahn, who is also the narrator in the story, survives through fishing and hunting. He is not a social person and prefers staying in the wilderness. The author states that he has an animal-like resemblance and wears leather. The author delves into the human psyche and reveals the different types of thoughts people have about others.

Glahn’s personality and way of life attracts many women. Perdersen shows the terrible romantic experiences that he had. For instance, the narrator mentions how he once threw a girl’s shoe into the ocean. However, his life changes once he meets Edvarda. The young girl comes from a nearby town and her father is a merchant.

Glahn and Edvarda end up having a romantic relationship. However, Glahn constantly chases after Edvarda especially in social settings. She ignores his advances in public but reveals her feelings to him in private. The book primarily focuses on the various dynamics in Edvarda and Glahn’s relationship.

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