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Pamela Characters

Pamela, a novel written by Englishman Samuel Richardson in 1740, has two main characters. These main characters are Pamela Andrews, a fifteen-year-old servant, and her inappropriate and manipulative master, Mr. B, whose mother, Lady B, has just died. Other characters who make an appearance in this novel include Pamela’s parents, John and Elizabeth Andrews, who proclaim disdain for Mr. B through a series of letters. There is also Mrs. Jervis, a housekeeper, whom Pamela befriends while working for Mr. B. Other notable characters include Mr. Williams, who is Mr. B’s chaplain in Lincolnshire. Mr. B at one point tells Pamela's parents that he is marrying her off to Mr. Williams. There is the horrible and abusive Mrs. Jewkes, the housekeeper of the Lincolnshire estate, who Pamela meets after a coachman named Robin takes her to the country estate. Lady Barbara Davers, who is Mr. B’s sister, makes an appearance to hassle Pamela and Lady Davers's maid, Beck Worden. Lady Davers also has a son named Jackey who taunts Pamela and even pulls a sword on her at one point. Mr. Colbrand is an ugly character who helps keep Pamela imprisoned by Mr. B. There is a character referred to as John the Footman who works at the Bedfordshire estate and betrays Pamela by giving her letters to Mr. B before sending them. Another female character is a countess who Mr. B engages with while Pamela gives birth to their son, Billy. Other minor characters include a "gypsy" who gives Pamela a warning scrawled on a small piece of paper, an array of Mr. B’s acquaintances and neighbors who pass judgment on Pamela and visit the estate at times, and Mr. B’s daughter, Ms. Goodwin, whose mother, Sally Godfrey, has moved to Jamaica. Near the end of the book, Mr. B's uncle Sir Jacob Swynford shows a liking for Pamela, as she has shown virtue and is quite charming.

Characters Discussed

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Pamela Andrews

Pamela Andrews, a virtuous servant girl of Lady B———, mistress of an estate in Bedfordshire. After the death of her mistress, she intends to return home but is persuaded to stay by the son, Mr. B———, who promises to be a good master to her. Later, she has cause to suspect his intentions; after he makes a series of attempts on her virtue, she determines to leave. The coach, however, deposits her at Mr. B———’s country estate, where she is held prisoner. She meets the local minister, Mr. Williams. She tries several times to escape. Finally Mr. B———, moved by her virtue, offers her an honorable marriage, and she accepts his proposal. Despite anonymous letters and suspicions of other love affairs, she remains faithful and eventually turns Mr. B——— into an honorable husband.

John Andrews

John Andrews and

Elizabeth Andrews

Elizabeth Andrews, the parents of Pamela.

Mr. B———

Mr. B———, the young squire who plots against Pamela’s virtue, tries to seduce her, proposes to make her his mistress on carefully outlined terms, and then finally marries her.

Lady Davers

Lady Davers, the daughter of Lady B———, who at first opposes her brother’s marriage to a servant. She begins to sympathize with Pamela after reading the many letters the girl had written her parents, and she is finally won over completely by Pamela’s beauty and virtue.

Mrs. Jervis

Mrs. Jervis, Mr. B———’s kindhearted housekeeper. For a time, she protects Pamela’s honor. When Mr. B——— tries to intimidate her, she and Pamela determine to leave together.

Mrs. Jewkes

Mrs. Jewkes, the villainous ex-prostitute caretaker of Mr. B———’s country estate. She tries to further her employer’s plots against...

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