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(Great Characters in Literature)

Pamela Andrews

Pamela Andrews, a virtuous servant girl of Lady B———, mistress of an estate in Bedfordshire. After the death of her mistress, she intends to return home but is persuaded to stay by the son, Mr. B———, who promises to be a good master to her. Later, she has cause to suspect his intentions; after he makes a series of attempts on her virtue, she determines to leave. The coach, however, deposits her at Mr. B———’s country estate, where she is held prisoner. She meets the local minister, Mr. Williams. She tries several times to escape. Finally Mr. B———, moved by her virtue, offers her an honorable marriage, and she accepts his proposal. Despite anonymous letters and suspicions of other love affairs, she remains faithful and eventually turns Mr. B——— into an honorable husband.

John Andrews

John Andrews and

Elizabeth Andrews

Elizabeth Andrews, the parents of Pamela.

Mr. B———

Mr. B———, the young squire who plots against Pamela’s virtue, tries to seduce her, proposes to make her his mistress on carefully outlined terms, and then finally marries her.

Lady Davers

Lady Davers, the daughter of Lady B———, who at first opposes her brother’s marriage to a servant. She begins to sympathize with Pamela after reading the many letters the girl had written her parents, and she is finally won...

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