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(British and Irish Poetry, Revised Edition)
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Padraic Colum (KAWL-uhm) was a prolific writer who expressed himself in many different genres during the first seven decades of the twentieth century. He helped found the Abbey Theatre in Dublin with William Butler Yeats, and he wrote three major plays: The Land (pr., pb. 1905), The Fiddler’s House (pr., pb. 1907), and Thomas Muskerry (pr., pb. 1910). All three plays deal with the dignity of Irish farmers. He wrote numerous short stories; two major novels, Castle Conquer (1923) and The Flying Swans (1957); and numerous essays on Irish history and politics. After his immigration to the United States in 1914 with his wife, Mary Colum, he became especially famous for his elegant retelling of folk tales for children. Some of his most admired books for children are The King of Ireland’s Son (1916), The Golden Fleece and the Heroes Who Lived Before Achilles (1921), and Legends of Hawaii (1937).