Paddy Chayefsky John M. Clum - Essay

John M. Clum

(Contemporary Literary Criticism)

"Marty" provided one of the classics of both television and the American film because it captures vividly and touchingly a number of aspects of the American experience. While being about people who are far from glamorous, its mundane characters have a beauty and a dignity that were felt by viewers far from the Bronx. (p. 46)

What is most extraordinary about "Marty" is the amount of material Chayefsky can include in less than an hour. We have not only Marty's bourgeoning relationship with Clara but also those with his family and with his friends. We see Marty in all his roles: first, as butcher; second, as an aging adolescent with his aimless friends; third, as a son and a brother; and, fourth, as man...

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