Pa Chin (Pseudonym of Li Fei-Kan)

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(Contemporary Literary Criticism)

Pa Chin (Pseudonym of Li Fei-Kan) 1904–

Pa Chin is a Chinese novelist and short story writer. He chose as the target of his early work the social injustice existing in pre-revolutionary China, focusing in particular on the decadence of the traditional Chinese family system. His subsequent works were also informed by his strong social and political views. Pa Chin often sacrificed form to content, concentrating the thrust of his narrative on his philosophical convictions rather than technique. Although he was deeply committed to the Communist Revolution in China, his work was found lacking in didactic purpose by the Chinese Communist Party. He then rewrote his novels to conform to the rigid guidelines defined by the party. Despite his concessions to the party, Pa Chin was purged during the Cultural Revolution of 1966. He was subsequently "revived" in mainland China in 1977.