P. G. Wodehouse Other literary forms

Other literary forms

(Survey of Novels and Novellas)

In addition to writing more than ninety novels, P. G. Wodehouse (WOOD-hows) wrote hundreds of short stories, some eighteen plays (of which ten were published), the lyrics for thirty-three theatrical musicals, and a vast, uncollected body of essays, reviews, poems, and sketches. So much of Wodehouse’s early work has been lost that it is impossible to measure his total literary output, and collections of his stories published under titles such as “Uncollected Wodehouse” are likely to appear with some frequency for the next twenty years. He also wrote two comic autobiographies, Performing Flea: A Self-Portrait in Letters (1953; revised as Author! Author!, 1962) and America, I Like You (1956; revised as Over Seventy: An Autobiography with Digressions, 1957).