Characters Discussed

(Great Characters in Literature)

Gil Carter

Gil Carter, a wandering ranch hand who drifts into Bridger’s Wells looking for a girl. When she returns to the town, after having reportedly gone to San Francisco with a husband, Gil is furious. He joins a posse, but thinks more of his disappointment in love than of the hanging of three innocent men.

Art Croft

Art Croft, Gil’s friend and companion. Though wounded by mistake by a stage driver, he goes on with the posse in search of rustlers.

Rose Mapen

Rose Mapen, the girl Gil loves and who disappoints him by marrying another man while gone from Bridger’s Wells.


Canby, the saloonkeeper at Bridger’s Wells.


Farnley, a cowboy who assists in hanging the three innocent men. When one of them, Donald Martin, dies too slowly in the hangman’s noose, Farnley shoots him.


Kinkaid, Farnley’s friend, supposedly killed by rustlers. He turns up alive after three innocent men have been hanged for his murder.


Davies, a storekeeper in the town. He tries to prevent the hanging of innocent men and fails. He takes a ring and a farewell letter to Martin’s wife and two children. After the lynching, he comes to believe, erroneously, that the fault was his.


Osgood, a Baptist minister. He tries to help...

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