Owen Felltham Principal Works

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Principal Works

(Literary Criticism (1400-1800))

Resolves: Divine, Morall, Politicall (prose commentaries) 1623

*A Brief Character of the Low-Countries under the States. Being three weeks observation of the Vices and Vertues of the Inhabitants (prose) 1652

Batavia: Or The Hollander displayed: In Brief Characters & Observations of the People & Country, The Government Of their State and Private Families, Their Virtues and Vices. Also, A Perfect Description of the People & Country of Scotland (prose) 1672

*A pirated edition of this work, called Three Moneths Observations of the Low-Countries, Especially Holland. Containing a brief Description of the Country, Customes, Religions, Manners, and Dispositions of the People, appeared in 1648.