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Further Reading

(Literary Criticism (1400-1800))


Pebworth, Ted-Larry. “An Annotated Bibliography of Owen Felltham.” Bulletin of the New York Public Library 79, no. 2 (winter 1976): 209-24.

Provides a brief biography of Felltham followed by a comprehensive annotated bibliography of books and articles by and about him.


Hallam, Henry. “Felltham's Resolves.” In Introduction to the Literature of Europe in the Fifteenth, Sixteenth, and Seventeenth Centuries, pp. 150-51. New York: A. C. Armstrong, 1891.

Brief assessment of Felltham's Resolves, viewing the work as shallow and poorly written.

Kennedy, Richard F. “Henry Vaughn's Borrowings from Owen Felltham.” George Herbert Journal 7, nos. 1-2 (spring 1983): 109-19.

Notes poet Henry Vaughn's literary indebtedness to—and even plagiarism of—the language and images in Felltham's Resolves.

Pebworth, Ted-Larry. Letter to the editor regarding Felltham's Resolves. PMLA 87, no. 1 (January 1972): 101-02.

Argues that the pieces in Felltham's early editions of the Resolves were more influenced by Stoicism than those written later in his life.

Randolph, Thomas. “To Mr. Feltham on his book of Resolves.” In The Poems of Thomas Randolph, edited by G. Thorn-Drury, pp. 75-8. London: Frederick Etchells and Hugh Macdonald, 1929.

Seventeenth-century poem praising Felltham's Resolves.

Additional coverage of Felltham's life and career is contained in the following sources published by the Gale Group: Dictionary of Literary Biography, Vols 126, 151; Literature Resource Center.