Over the Edge Summary
by Jonathan Kellerman

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Over the Edge

(Critical Survey of Contemporary Fiction)

Is Jamey Cadmus, the brilliant homosexual scion of one of California’s wealthiest families, the Lavender Slasher, a mass murderer who systematically preys on Los Angeles’ young male prostitutes? The evidence is overwhelming: Jamey was found covered with blood and clutching a knife beside two mutilated corpses. The psychosis that runs in Jamey’s family and that seems to have affected him, however, precludes premeditated murder. In addition, his response to medication is bafflingly and suspiciously erratic.

When Alex Delaware’s closest friend, Detective Sergeant Milo Sturgis, of the Los Angeles police, is assigned to the case by his bigoted captain because of Milo’s own homosexuality, Alex realizes how much preconceived notions can affect objectivity--Milo’s colleagues automatically assume that Alex is gay because of their friendship. There are too many easy answers in Jamey’s case, and Alex’s own investigation leads him to a sleazy art gallery, a powerful lawyer’s office, the county jail, a psychiatric hospital for the very wealthy, the California desert, and to a group of geniuses who were all once Jamey’s friends. As Alex strips away one carefully constructed deception after another, the truth is revealed, and it is far more shocking and insidiously evil than even the jaded Milo had imagined.

A winner of both the Edgar and Anthony awards and a practicing child psychologist, Kellerman combines his professional skills with a fast-paced plot line and an elegant prose style. The result is pure dynamite. This third Alex Delaware mystery is every bit as good as its best-selling predecessors and is a sure-fire winner.