The Outsiders Chapter 5 #2 Quiz

This quiz focuses on important events throughout Chapter 5 of the Outsiders. 

  1. Who writes Ponyboy a letter?

  2. Who is working for the gang as a spy?

  3. Where is Johnny in the morning when Ponyboy wakes up?

  4. Ponyboy is happy and willing to cut and bleach his hair.

  5. Johnny is dumb and can't understand the novel Ponyboy is reading.

  6. Who comes to visit the boys?

  7. Ponyboy comments that he would rather have ran away with Two-Bit.

  8. Where does Dally tell the police the boys are heading?

  9. What does Ponyboy consider his pride and joy?

  10. Dally was questioned by the police and gave them vital information. 

  11. Darry is worried sick about Ponyboy and is sorry for hitting him. 

  12. What does Johnny suggests they do?

  13. What do Johnny and Ponyboy say they'll never do again?

  14. What book did Johnny bring home?

  15. Ponyboy says he has an overactive imagination.

  16. Which of the following items did Johnny NOT buy?

  17. Dally looks like he hasn't shaved in months. 

  18. What poem does Ponyboy recite?

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