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Why do Ponyboy and Johnny feel responsible for the fire in The Outsiders, chapter 6?

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After Johnny kills Bob Sheldon in self-defense, he and Pony travel to Windrixville, where they hide out in an abandoned church on Jay Mountain and wait until things settle down back home. When Dally comes up to visit them, he takes the boys out to eat at Dairy Queen. After their meal, Johnny announces that he plans on turning himself in to the police, which upsets Dally, who drives the boys back to their hideout. As soon as they arrive back at the abandoned church, they discover that it is on fire and learn that there are children trapped inside the building. A man standing outside the burning building quickly explains the situation to the boys, and Pony immediately takes the blame for starting the church fire. Pony tells Johnny that they must have dropped a lit cigarette or something which caused the old church to ignite. Pony and Johnny proceed to enter the burning church and save all the children before the building collapses. Tragically, a flaming beam falls on Johnny and breaks his back, leaving him in critical condition.

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