What is Ponyboy's premonition in The Outsiders and how does it foreshadow another event?

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In chapter four, Johnny stabs and kills Bob Sheldon in self-defense to prevent him from drowning Ponyboy in the local park's fountain. Following the traumatic incident, Pony and Johnny decide to seek Dally's help and travel to Buck Merril's place to find him. At Buck Merril's place, the boys explain their dire situation to Dally. He gives them a gun, some money, and a plan to skip town. Dally instructs the boys to hop a train and travel to Windrixville, where they can climb Jay Mountain and hide out in an abandoned church at the top of the hill. Pony and Johnny take Dally's advice and immediately skip town.

When they arrive at the abandoned church on Jay Mountain, Pony mentions that the old building gives him the creeps. At the end of the chapter, Pony says that he experiences a premonition, which is defined as an ominous feeling that something bad will happen in the near future. Pony says,

"But this church gave me a kind of creepy feeling. What do you call it? Premonition? I flopped down on the floor--- and immediately decided not to do any more flopping" (Hinton, 58).

The premonition Pony experiences foreshadows the impending church fire, which results in Johnny Cade's serious injury. Dally comes to visit the boys, and when they return from Dairy Queen they are astonished to find the abandoned church engulfed in flames. Pony and Johnny heroically enter the burning building and save the children trapped inside. Tragically, a massive beam falls on top of Johnny and breaks his back during his rescue effort. Johnny is placed in critical condition and eventually dies from his injuries, which confirms Pony's unsettling premonition.

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