What does each gang member learn in The Outsiders?

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From Johnny's inspirational final words, Pony learns that "fighting's no good" and that "There's still lots of good in the world." Johnny learns about love, loyalty and brotherhood from his greaser pals, and realizes that his death is "worth it" for saving the children in the burning church. Soda learns that, despite his good looks and honorable intentions, his girlfriend, Sandy, "didn't love him like he thought she did." Darry learns that Soda can no longer take being the "middleman" in the fights between him and Pony, and that the two brothers must make peace. The coldest of the greasers who usually thinks only of himself, Dally learns to love through his friendship with Johnny, rushing into the burning church to save his pal. Two-Bit learns about Soc plans through his meetings with Cherry Valance. Steve learns all about cars through personal experience. An excellent driver, he "could lift a hubcap quicker and more quietly than anyone in the neighborhood.

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