What is Cherry's most significant need in "The Outsiders"?

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Cherry is a Soc cheerleader who lost her boyfriend after he was stabbed and killed by Johnny. At the beginning of the novel, Ponyboy and Johnny meet Cherry and her friend, Marcia, at the drive-ins. Ponyboy and Cherry share a connection and begin to discuss the differences between their social groups. Cherry tells Ponyboy that the Socs are superficial and describes her social group as one big rat race. She proceeds to explain to Pony that nothing is real to her friends and that they are more concerned about keeping up with appearances than actually connecting on a personal level. Despite being a Greaser, Pony and Cherry become friends, and Cherry even offers to spy on the Socs before the big rumble. The reason she connects with Ponyboy is because he is an authentic individual who is sympathetic to her situation. What Cherry needs the most in life is a genuine friend who is empathetic and caring. 

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