Do Johnny's parents see the greasers after his death in The Outsiders?

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Johnny's parents didn't seem to care much about their son since they rarely spent any quality time with him. Johnny's home life consisted of being beaten often by his argumentative parents, and he chose to spend as much time as possible away from home. It is clear that Johnny's mother didn't care much for her son's friends, either. Two-Bit and Pony ran into her as they were leaving the hospital, and she blamed them for Johnny's problems.

"It was your fault. Always running around in the middle of the night getting jailed and heaven knows what else..."  (Chapter 8)

Two-Bit retorted that " 'No wonder he hates your guts.' " Johnny's parents had no love for their boys' friends, and it would have been entirely unlikely that either of them would have tried to contact any of the Curtis brothers or Johnny's other friends. Johnny's parents didn't bother to show up for the inquest, and with Johnny dead, all contact seems to have been ended between the greasers and Johnny's parents.

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