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Ponyboy — In the first chapter, Ponyboy describes himself as having light-brown hair and greenish-gray eyes. He doesn't mind being alone and enjoys movies. Pony mentions that he also enjoys reading and is rather intelligent even though he makes bad decisions sometimes. He loves his brother Sodapop but does not get along with Darry

Sodapop — Pony says that Soda is sixteen years old and rarely opens a book. However, Sodapop understands Pony and is a caring individual. Pony describes Sodapop as being happy-go-lucky and says that he is continually smiling. Sodapop jokes around a lot and does not take life seriously. Sodapop is also very handsome and does not do drugs or drink.

Darry — Pony's oldest brother works long hours and is rather strict. Darry is muscular, and Pony describes him as being tough, cool, and smart. He rarely smiles and takes life seriously. Darry is very protective of his brothers but doesn't take into account their feelings.

Johnny Johnny is described as being scared of his own shadow and has an awful homelife. He is also described as being the "gang's pet" and is viewed as everyone's kid brother.

Steve Randle — He is Sodapop's best friend and is described as being tacky and smart. He is an experienced thief who knows a lot about cars.

Two-Bit — He is the gang's oldest member and is described as being a "wisecracker." He is a tall kid who is continually making everyone laugh. His real name is Keith and Pony says that no one can get him to shut up.

Dally — Dally is a dangerous, tough boy who has no regard for authority. He is the definition of a criminal and has been to jail before. Dally is a bitter person and is considered the wildest boy in the gang.

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PONYBOY CURTIS. The youngest of the Curtis brothers, Pony is an avid reader, writer and movie goer. He worships Soda but fights constantly with Darry. Johnny is his best pal, and he is fairly close with Two-Bit.

DARRY CURTIS.  The eldest Curtis brother, he is a roofer who works two jobs to support his other brothers. Tall and muscular, he is a former football star who gave up college ambitions to work instead.

SODAPOP CURTIS.  Handsome Soda is a high school dropout who works in a gas station. He gets along well with everyone, though his best friend is Steve Randle.

JOHNNY CADE.  Quiet and introspective, Johnny was beaten by Socs and is wary of strangers. He is the "mascot" of the gang, liked by all. He is closest with Pony and Dallas.

DALLAS WINSTON.  A tough New York native, Dallas is proud of his street savvy and past criminal record. He is closest to Johnny, who he treats like a kid brother.

STEVE RANDLE.  A minor character, Steve is best friends with Soda; they work together at the same gas station. His specialty is cars--working on them and stealing parts from them.

TWO-BIT MATHEWS.  Two-Bit is close friends with Pony and Johnny and is the second oldest (next to Darry). Likable and talkative, Two-Bit shoplifts regularly and always carries a switchblade.

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