The Outsiders Characters at a Glance

  • In The Outsiders, Ponyboy Curtis is the narrator. His affinity for poetry and solitary reflection distinguishes him from the other Greasers. He manages to maintain his sensitive and compassionate nature despite the obstacles he encounters.

  • Johnny Cade is a Greaser who is abused by his father and neglected by his mother. After being beaten by the Socs, he carries a blade and nervously looks out for trouble. He develops a close friendship with Pony.

  • Dallas Winston has a criminal record and has spent time in prison. After losing Johnny, he sets himself up to be shot by the police.

  • Cherry is a Soc who expresses affection for Pony and mediates between the two groups. She helps Pony see the similarities between the Greasers and the Socs.

  • Darrel Curtis is Ponyboy’s older brother who gives up the opportunity to go to college so that he can care for his two brothers after the death of their parents.

Character Summary

Ponyboy Curtis is the sole narrator of The Outsiders, so all the characters and all the action are seen through his eyes as the reader...

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Character Development

Ponyboy Curtis, his best friend Johnny Cade, and the tough hood Dallas Winston are the main characters in The Outsiders. Ponyboy narrates...

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